About Us

Hello, I’m Jackie Sanders and welcome to our website. We try to tailor our services to your specific needs, provide personal attention and someone to call with answers to your tax and financial questions and issues throughout the year. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients and in providing good ole fashion service.

We provide all levels of services for individuals with their tax and financial needs as well as Personal Representatives of Estates, or Trustees or beneficiaries of trusts and Estates.

Our business services are aimed for New and Emerging Businesses to help you get started with the right type of entity for your specific needs and to help you create and establish and maintain the proper accounting system from your original documents. As you grow into a Small & Growing Business, we can help you establish your own in-house accounting program and assist you with maintaining it.

Mission Statement

Founded upon a principle of delivering its promises, our mission at JXS Just Xcellent, Tax Services & Accounting is to provide our clients with the Professional Tax Preparation. We value and treasure our relationships with our clients, both past and present. Our reputation is based not only on our products and services, but also on the way we choose to do business – with honesty and integrity. Fundamentally, we believe in long-lasting relationships built on trust and understanding.

Quality Statement

JXS Just Xcellent, Tax Services & Accounting is committed to providing consistent, quality services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We sustain a working environment where attention to detail and pride in our work cultivates continuous improvement and refinement in the services we offer. At JXS Just Xcellent, Tax Services & Accounting quality isn’t a department; it’s our way of life. We’ve built our business by satisfying clients, one client at a time.

Public Service

Jackie W. Sanders has severed as a loyal and dedicated public servant. She worked as Assistant Controller for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Oakdale Louisiana from February 25, 1990 through September 09, 2001

Business Owner

Owner of JXS Just Xcellent, Tax Services & Accounting, with over 500 client’s income tax return. Gather data from clients to prepare income taxes for small business and individuals. Provide guidance concerning changing tax regulations. Teach tax classes. Train office workers. Answer customer services calls. Make day to day decisions for the business operation. Accounts Payables, Account Receivables, Budgeting, QuickBooks, Sales since 2001 (12 years experience) Group I insurance license. Roll over retirement accounts for clients. Contracting, Inventory Management, Cash Management.